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DBMS performance - A multi-dimensional challenge
Vadiraja Bhatt, Sr. Staff Software Engineer, Sybase Inc., Pune
Date & Time: January 20, 2006 16:00
Venue: SIC 301, 'C' Block, 03rd Floor, KReSIT
Over the past 2 decades traditional relational database servers have grown to become critical back-end for almost all applications that there is. With that they have endured several challenges that emerged out of user requirements, new generation applications, ever changing hardware architectures and numerous operating environments. Each of them have posed very unique problem to solve and DBMS have adapted very well to these challenges acceptable throughput and response times. This talk will go over some of these challenges and the ways traditional DBMS have answered them with various features, tunable and architectural changes.
Speaker Profile:
Sr. Staff Software Engineer, Sybase Inc., Pune
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