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Title: Intelligent Environments Using IoT Systems
Mr. Deepak Vasisht, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Date & Time: May 18, 2018 11:00
Venue: Conference Room, 01st Floor, 'C' Block, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kanwal Rekhi (KReSIT) Building
Recent years have seen a great push for putting more and more devices on the Internet, leading to over 20 billion connected devices today. The push has been motivated by the need to create intelligent environments like smart homes that can react to the needs of the occupants, cities that can modulate traffic on the go, and industries that can optimize processes to maximize output and reduce waste. However, in spite of the massive boost in connected devices, three key barriers prevent the creation of smart environments today: power, communication and the need to deploy extensive infrastructure. IoT devices may be placed in inaccessible locations where both power and communication resources are unavailable. Furthermore, the proliferation of IoT devices provides additional challenges for managing the limited spectrum available for communication. Finally, the adoption of smart systems is inversely correlated with the need for extensive infrastructure deployment. In this talk, I will present two examples of my research that seek to address these challenges. The first example provides a positioning framework, for smart homes and small businesses, that can enable decimeter level positioning of connected devices without the need of deploying any additional infrastructure or war-driving one-time fingerprinting of the environment. I will discuss how this framework enables applications in smart homes, robotics, and geofencing. The second example tackles these challenges in the industrial context to build an intelligent agriculture system, FarmBeats, that can provide actionable outputs to a farmer in spite of the lack of conventional power and communication resources on the farm. FarmBeats significantly reduces the need for dense sensor deployment on the farm by leveraging techniques from machine learning and computer vision. FarmBeats is currently being piloted across farms in multiple countries and was recently highlighted by Satya Nadella as one of the ten inventions that inspired him in 2017.
Speaker Profile:
Deepak Vasisht is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. His research is focused on building intelligent environments using internet-of-things (IoT) systems. He has designed, built and deployed IoT systems that deliver ubiquitous sensing, accurate indoor positioning, enhanced communication capabilities and new human computer interfaces. His research has been featured in the Economist, IEEE Spectrum, BBC, Daily Mail and CBC among others. He is the recipient of the ACM SIGCOMM Best Paper award, the Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship and the President's Gold Medal at IIT Delhi.
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