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Technology for Masses
Mr.Wen-Chi Chen, President of Via Technology
Date & Time: January 24, 2006 09:40
Venue: F.C.Kholi Auditorium (KreSIT)
Technology for Masses.
Speaker Profile:
Wenchi Chen has been President and CEO of VIA Technologies, Inc. since 1992, and has overseen its transition from chipset designer to a leading developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions. Mr. Chen's strong background in logic design, marketing, and business strategy has propelled VIA to be one of the foremost fabless semiconductor design houses in the world. Prior to VIA, Mr Chen co-founded and was President and CEO of Symphony Laboratories. He also held positions of Sales & Marketing VP at high tech start-up ULSI and senior architect at Intel. Mr Chen holds a MSEE degree from National Taiwan University and MSCS from the California Institute of Technology. Under Mr Chen’s leadership, VIA has become the world’s leading developer of PC core logic chipsets, successfully enabling the industry wide adoption of PC133 and DDR266 SDRAM as the next generation memory standards. Building on the company’s strength in core logic chipsets, Mr Chen has expanded the company’s technology leadership into low power x86 microprocessors with the acquisition of Cyrix and Centaur, high performance graphics with the S3 Graphics joint venture, networking, communications, and multimedia chips, as well as innovative form factor mainboard solutions. With a comprehensive portfolio of key building block technologies now in place, VIA now provides customers with complete platforms for building a full range of PCs, servers, notebooks, and Personal Electronics devices.
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