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Virus-AntiVirus Co-Evolution
Mr. Carey Nachenberg, Chief Architect, Symantec Research Labs, USA
Date & Time: January 30, 2006 16:00
Venue: SIC 301, 'C' Block, 03rd Floor, KReSIT
Since the advent of the first computer virus, almost 20 years ago, creators of malicious code have devised increasingly complex schemes to prevent their programs from being detected by signature-based security software. These improvements can be at least partially attributed to the efforts of antivirus and security products. Each wave of new obfuscation techniques has spurred the creation of more advanced detection technologies, which has in turn led to the creation of even more complex threats. Throughout this co-evolution, security vendors have arguably had the upper hand - until now. The latest generation of threats employs a number of key techniques that have pushed existing scanning technologies to their limits. This talk takes a detailed look at key innovations in antivirus detection as well as related virus advancements over the past 20 years.
Speaker Profile:
Carey Nachenberg, Chief Architect of Symantec Research Labs, has been an innovator at Symantec Corporation for the past fourteen years. As Chief Architect, Mr. Nachenberg helps to set the technological agenda for the company's research division and investigates new technologies across the computer security space. Nachenberg has contributed to four books including Internet Security Professional Reference and Windows NT Server 4: Security, Troubleshooting and Optimization and has published articles in numerous publications including Virus Bulletin, Secure Computing, and Communications of the ACM. He holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from University of California at Los Angeles. His Masters thesis covers the topic of polymorphic computer virus detection.
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