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Autonomic Computing Research at IBM
Dr. Rajarshi Das, Research Staff Member, IBM's T. J. Watson Research Lab
Date & Time: February 21, 2006 11:30
Venue: Lecture Hall, 'B' Block, 02nd Floor, KReSIT
The rapidly increasing complexity of computing systems is beginning to overwhelm the capabilities of software developers and system administrators to design, evaluate, integrate, and manage these systems. Major software and system vendors such as IBM, HP and Microsoft have concluded that the only viable long-term solution is to create computer systems that manage themselves. Three years ago, IBM launched the autonomic computing initiative to meet the grand challenge of creating self-managing systems. Although much has already been achieved, it is clear that a worldwide collaboration among academia, IBM, and other industry partners will be required to fully realize the vision of autonomic computing. I will discuss several fundamental challenges in the areas of artificial intelligence and agents, performance modeling, optimization, architecture, policy, and human-computer interaction, and describe some of the initial steps that IBM has taken to address those challenges.
Speaker Profile:
Rajarshi Das is a Research Staff member at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Laboratory in New York. He is a member of IBM's Autonomic Computing research group. Rajarshi is interested in application of analogies from biology and economics to massively distributed computing systems, particularly in the domains of autonomic computing, e-commerce, and system management. Rajarshi's research efforts on emergent computation in distributed systems have been publicized in publications such as The New York Times and The Telegraph. In 2004, he co-founded the International Conference on Autonomic Computing. Rajarshi received a BS from IIT-KGP and a Ph. D. from Colorado State University. Prior to joining IBM. Rajarshi was a research associate at the Santa Fe Institute and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
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