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Title: Surface denoising and feature analysis based on the variation of normals
Sunil Yadav,
Date & Time: March 27, 2019 10:30
Venue: Conference room, first floor near Office
This talk is focused on the concept of the variation of surface normals, which is termed as the normal voting tensor and we derived a relation between the shape operator and the normal voting tensor. The concept of the directional and the mean curvatures is extended on the dual representation of a triangulated surface. A normal voting tensor is defined on each triangle of a geometry and termed as the element-based normal voting tensor (ENVT). Later, a deformation tensor is extracted from the ENVT and it consists of anisotropy of a surface and the mean curvature vector is defined based on the ENVT deformation tensor. The talk is extended to a ENVT-based mesh denoising algorithm, where the ENVT is used as a shape operator. A binary optimization technique is applied on the spectral components of the ENVT that helps the algorithm to retain sharp features in the concerned geometry and improves the convergence rate of the algorithm. The same concept is extended for a point set denoising, where noisy vertex normals are filtered using the vertex-based NVT and the binary optimization. For vertex update stage in point set denoising, we added different constraints to the quadratic error metric based on features (edges and corners) or non-feature (planar) points.
Speaker Profile:
Sunil K. Yadav is a researcher in the mathematical geometry processing group headed by Prof. Dr. Konrad Polthier at Freie Universität Berlin. He received PhD degree in Mathematics from Freie Universität Berlin in April 2018 with summa cum laude. His research interests are somewhere in between Discrete Differential Geometry, Medical Imaging and Computer Vision. Currently, He is working on mesh and point sets denoising and is also involved in the morphological analysis of the human retina in Charite Medicine University Berlin. He received master’s degree (M-Tech.) in Signal and Image Processing from IIT Roorkee, India. His master thesis was done in supervision of Prof. Dr. Olaf Hellwich Head of Computer Vision And Remote Sensing Department, TU Berlin which was mainly focused on high accuracy registration between two images.
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