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Title: Practical Computer Vision with GluonCV
Dr. Alex Smola, Amazon Web Services
Date & Time: May 14, 2019 15:00
Venue: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Room No. 109, 01st Floor, New CSE/CC Building
Computer vision is a key tool in the modern deep learning toolbox. In this talk I will give a brief overview of the GluonCV open source toolkit for object recognition, detection, segmentation, and pose estimation. It allows users to get started easily with advanced models such as ResNext, Yolo, SSD, MaskRCNN or SimplePose. The talk includes live demonstration of the models and details on how to train them efficiently. Beyond computer vision I give a brief introduction to D2L.ai, a novel open source textbook on deep learning, based on Jupyter notebooks, that is fully executable by its readers.
Speaker Profile:
Dr. Alex Smola studied physics in Munich at the University of Technology, Munich, at the Universita degli Studi di Pavia and at AT&T Research in Holmdel. During this time he was at the Maximilianeum M√ľnchen and the Collegio Ghislieri in Pavia. In 1996 he received the Master degree at the University of Technology, Munich and in 1998 the Doctoral Degree in computer science at the University of Technology Berlin. Until 1999 he was a researcher at the IDA Group of the GMD Institute for Software Engineering and Computer Architecture in Berlin (now part of the Fraunhofer Geselschaft). After that, he worked as a Researcher and Group Leader at the Research School for Information Sciences and Engineering of the Australian National University. From 2004 onwards he worked as a Senior Principal Researcher and Program Leader at the Statistical Machine Learning Program at NICTA. From 2008 to 2012 he worked at Yahoo Research. In spring of 2012 he moved to Google Research to spend a wonderful year in Mountain View and continued working there until the end of 2014. From 2013-2017 he was professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He co-founded Marianas Labs in early 2015. In July 2016 he moved to Amazon Web Services to help build AI and Machine Learning tools for everyone.
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