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Performance Accelerator for Distributed File Systems
Shekhar Bhide, Director, Infinera
Date & Time: March 20, 2006 15:00
Venue: Lecture Hall on Second Floor, KRESIT
An installable performance accelerator for computer network distributed file systems is provided. A cache subsystem is added onto, or plugged into, an existing distributed file system with no source code modifications to the operating system. The cache subsystem manages a cache on the client computer side which traps or intercepts file system calls to cached files in order to obtain an immediate and substantial performance increase in distributed file system performance. Additionally, a refresh agent may be installed on the server side to further speed up cache accesses.
Speaker Profile:
Shekhar Bhide did is B.Tech. (CS) in IIT Bombay and MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He worked at HP's Information Networks Division and Integrated Systems Division from 1987 to 1994 He joined Airsoft(startup) in 1994. When it was acquired by Shiva Corporation(Boston) in 1997, he became Director of Cupertino Engineering office for Shiva.

He joined Inverse Networks (another startup) in 1997 as Director of Engineering. He led a team of engineers to build a highly scalable Network Management solution for ISPs/Service Providers. It was deployed by majority of major players such as Verizon, Earthlink, AT&T etc. Inverse was acquired by Visual Networks(Washington DC) in 1999.

He co-founded Teradiant Networks in 2000 raising over $26M in the first round. We developed a 40Gbps class Network Processor and Traffic Manager. The Traffic Manager won the Best Coprocessor Award at Network Processing Forum. However, this was a commercial failure and the company shut down last year. He led the enginerring team at Network Chemistry (Wireless Security) as Senior Director/VP(Engineering) from March to Nov 2005.

He has been Director of Engineering at Infinera since Nov 2005 managing a group of embedded software engineers.

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