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Title: A Compositional Semantics of Simulink/Stateflow Based on Quantized State Hybrid Automata
Dr. Avinash Malik, University of Auckland
Date & Time: January 7, 2020 11:30
Venue: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Room No. 109, 01st Floor, New CSE/CC Building
Simulink/Stateflow® is the de-facto tool for design of Cyber-physical Systems (CPS). CPS include hybrid systems, where a discrete controller guides a continuous plant. Hybrid systems are characterised by their continuous time dynamics with sudden dis- continuities, caused by level/zero crossings. State ow can graphically capture hybrid phenomenon, making it popular with control engineers. However, State ow is unable to correctly and efficiently simulate complex hybrid systems, especially those characterised by even number of level crossings. In this work we first propose a new formal model for hybrid systems called Quantized State Hybrid Input Output Automaton (QSHIOA). QSHIOA is used to give a deterministic semantics to State ow in addition to efficiently handling even number of level crossing detections. In the proposed compositional semantics, a network of State ow charts can be compiled into a network of QSHIOAs. Benchmark results show that in the median case, the proposed stateflow execution technique, via QSHIOA, is 84% faster than using the best variable-step size solvers in Simulink/Stateflow®.
Speaker Profile:
Avinash Malik is a Senior lecturer at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His main research interest lies in programming language semantics, non-linear control, and biomedical systems. He has worked at organizations such as INRIA in France, Trinity College Dublin, IBM research Ireland, and IBM Watson on design and compilation of programming languages. He holds B.E. and PhD degrees, in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Auckland.
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