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Transitioning to eVoting: The ProVotE project and the Trentino's Experience
Adolfo Villafiorita, ITC-irst
Date & Time: April 3, 2006 15:00
Venue: KReSIT 2nd floor auditorium

The ProVotE project aims at actuating art. 84 of law 2 - 5/3/2003 of the Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy), which mandates the introduction of e-voting systems for the next provincial elections (November 2008).

The goals of the project are building an e-voting system and defining the related process and certification issues, in order to deliver a solution which is compliant with the italian electoral law, that is trusted and usable by the voters, and that implements the security and dependability requirements of the best international practices and experiences. To achieve the goals mentioned above, ProVotE brings together expertise from Social Sciences, Public Administration, and research centers and industries of the ICT sector. The talk presents the main issues and challenges faced during the development of the e-voting prototype developed within the project. The prototype was experimented at the last local elections by about seven thousand voters.

Speaker Profile:
Adolfo Villafiorita is a researcher at ITC-irst. His main interests are in Software Engineering and, in particular, in the development of safety critical systems. He is currently working in the eDemocracy/eVoting area, where he is leading the ProVotE project, which has the goal of building the e-voting system for Trentino.
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