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Technology in Teaching, Learning and research in Mathematics
Professor Wei-Chi Yang, Department of Math and Stats at Radford University, Virginia, USA
Date & Time: May 10, 2006 11:30
Venue: Ramanujan Hall (Room 216) Mathematics Department

Professor Wei-Chi Yang will tell how mathematics communities around the world had implemented the use of technology and will show how technological tools will impact our teaching, learning and research in Mathematics. Geometry and Analysis have been around for centuries. Recent technological tools, however, will make an impact in the area of Dynamic Analytical Geometry. In this talk, Professor Yang will show why exploring mathematics with technology should be a FACT-Fun, Accessible, Challenging and Theoretical.

  • Many examples from calculus to advanced calculus will be demonstrated with the help of dynamic geometry software and Computer Algebra System (CAS).
  • We will see when to incorporate various software packages so mathematical problems can be made accessible to most but challenging to some.
  • Shrinking sphere, Mean Value Theorem and its converse, Lagrange Multiplier Theorem, Taylor Theorem, and etc. will be explored.

Professor Wei-Chi Yang will also share with audience how ATCM (Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics) is started and possibility of the 2007 conference being held at IIT Bombay.

Speaker Profile:

Professor Wei-Chi Yang currently is working at the Department of Math and Stats at Radford University, Virginia, USA. He received his B.S. from Taiwan, M.S. and Ph.D. from University of California at Davis. He was invited as a visiting professor at Universidad Diego Portales, Chile in 2005. He is the founder of the Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM) and he is the editor-in-chief of the refereed ATCM Proceedings. He had co-authored a book 'Exploring Mathematics with Scientific Notebook'. Professor Yang had traveled around the world, given over 200 presentations on the innovative use of technology in teaching, learning and research in Mathematics for the past 15 years.

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