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Asymptotic capacity/delay tradeoffs in ad hoc networks with
Ravi R. Mazumdar, Uinversity of Waterloo, Canada
Date & Time: July 28, 2006 15:00
Venue: EE Conf. Room
Ever since the seminal works of Kumar and Gupta in 2000 on asymptotic capacity of ad hoc networks with randomly placed nodes and the work of Grossglauser and Tse on the effects of mobility on the capacity, there has been great interest in characterizing the capacity/delay tradeoffs. In the talk I will present results on the impact of random mobility on the tradeoffs. In particular it can be shown that there is a notion of critical delay, the delay that must be incurred to provide a measurable improvement in throughput. Furthermore, different mobility models have different critical delay that is related to the "diffusivity" per unit time and the Brownian mobility model presents one extreme of behaviour in that there are virtually no trade-offs possible. For random-waypoint and direction models one can show the existence of a throughput/delay tradeoff curve. This is based on joint work with Gaurav Sharma (PhD candidate) and Prof Ness Shroff of Purdue University. This work won the BEST PAPER award at IEEE INFOCOM-2006.
Speaker Profile:
The speaker received his B. Tech(1977) from IIT Bombay, the MSc, DIC in Control Systems (1978) from Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, UK and the PhD (1983) in Systems Science from UCLA. Prior to his current appointment he was Professor of ECE, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA. He was co-author with G. Sharma and N. Shroff of a paper that won the INFOCOM 2006 Best Paper award and was runner-up for the Best Paper award with N. Likhanov at INFOCOM 1998. He has been elected Fellow of the IEEE for contributions to networking and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. His research interests are in wireless and wireline networking, applied probability, and stochastic analysis.
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