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An Inverse Rate-Distortion Theorem
Mukul Agarwal, MIT
Date & Time: July 28, 2006 16:30
Venue: EE Conf. Room
Shannon proved that if we can transmit bits reliably at rates larger than the rate distortion function $R(D)$ over a channel, then we can transmit this source to within a distortion $D$ over the channel. We answer the converse question ``If we can transmit a source to within a distortion $D$ over a channel, can we transmit bits reliably at rates less than the rate distortion function?'' in the affirmative. This can be viewed as a direct converse of the rate distortion theorem. This will be an informal `board-talk' without slides.
Speaker Profile:
Mukul Agarwal obtained his BTech and MTech in Electrical Engineering from the Dual Degree Program in Communication and Signal Processing from IIT-Bombay in 2004. He is currently a PhD student at MIT, Cambridge MA USA.
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