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The Competence of Software Architects
Dr. Paul C. Clements, Divya Devesh, Shivani Reddy, Prageti Verma, Software Engg. Institute - CMU, IIT-G, Symbiosis Center for Information Technology
Date & Time: July 28, 2006 11:30
Venue: KReSIT 3rd floor, Lecture Hall ('B' block)
Software architecture has become a critically important part of software engineering. Large, modern software systems cannot be built without suitable architectures. Much of the work that has focused on architecture overlooks the fact that architectures are produced by architects -- people -- who must carry out their duties effectively, be highly skilled, and master extensive knowledge. But exactly what duties? What skills? And what knowledge? This talk presents the results of a comprehensive survey of the duties, skills, and knowledge of a software architect. Using over 200 sources of information (including books, web portals, courses, certification programs, position descriptions, and surveys of practicing architects themselves), we have developed a profile of the duties, skills, and knowledge an architect needs in order to be considered competent. We will show what the community at large believes are the most important of these, and how the relative importance of each differs according to the nature of the information source. In particular, we will show that the information sources who "broadcast" their information (books and websites) are offering advice that is quite different from what practicing architects themselves consider the most important aspects of their jobs.
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