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Promise of Data Integration: Challenges and Opportunity
Pinaki Mukerji, Vice President, Informatica, CA, USA
Date & Time: August 3, 2006 16:00
Venue: KRESIT, SIC-301 (3rd floor)
In this presentation, we talk about some of the business problems due to lack of comprehensive data integration strategy within Enterprises, big and small. How some of the leading edge businesses are using Data Integration technology to improve business performance. We discuss architectures of ETL technology and how such product has evolved over the year to cater to different forms of data integration needs. We will conclude with where Data Integration industry is heading into future.
Speaker Profile:
Pinaki Mukerji has 18 years of experience in building Enterprise Software product. He is currently the Vice President R&D at Informatica, for PowerCenter, the industry’s leading Data Integration product. Joined Informatica in 95 when the company was 4 people startup. Over 2500 customers worldwide use Informatica’s product today. Before Informatica, Pinaki was for 6 years at Transarc Corporation building out Transaction Processing (TP) monitor product. Pinaki holds a BS from IIT Kharagpur and MS from Michigan State in Computer Science
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