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Data Mining and Research at Yahoo: Insights, Lessons, and Challenges
Rajesh Parekh, Yahoo
Date & Time: August 15, 2003 16:00
Venue: SIC 301, KReSIT
Yahoo!'s data warehouse of over 2PB is among the largest in the world and growing rapidly. Mining such a large scale data warehouse presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. In this talk I will outline the approaches taken by the Data Mining and Research team at Yahoo! to analyze this data for solving practical business problems. I will present some interesting insights and lessons learned from mining this data. I will conclude with some challenging research problems.
Speaker Profile:
Rajesh Parekh is an Engineering Manager in the Data Mining and Research Team at Yahoo! He is leading a talented team of Data Miners to apply advanced analytics, data mining, and machine learning techniques to analyze Yahoo! data and solve challenging business problems such as improving end user experience, optimizing ad revenue, online fraud detection, user behavior modeling, and large scale search engine marketing (SEM) campaign management. Rajesh was awarded the Data Wizard award at Yahoo! in 2005 and 2006. His work has also resulted in the filing of two international patents. Prior to joining Yahoo!, Rajesh worked with the Data Mining team at Blue Martini Software where he was involved in building a comprehensive Business Intelligence platform for the online retail space. His team received an honorable mention at the KDD Cup 2001 competition. Rajesh was formerly a Senior Research Associate at Allstate Research Center where he focused on the application of data mining and machine learning to tackling insurance related problems. His work on "Predicting Short-Term Defection among Insured Households" was in the list of top 10 insights at the ART'2000 conference. Rajesh obtained his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 1998. His dissertation research was on constructive learning algorithms specifically on learning neural networks and regular grammars. He was awarded the University Research Excellence Award in 1998 for his dissertation work. He also received the University Teaching Excellence Award in 1993. Rajesh obtained his B. E. degree in Computer Technology from VJTI, Mumbai in 1991. His project entitled Abhas - Simulator for Parallel Architectures and Computing was a joint effort between VJTI and IIT Mumbai.
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