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Social Media Trends and Online Social Networks
Dr. Andrew Tomkins,
Date & Time: April 3, 2007 00:00
Venue: SIC 301, C Block, 03rd floor,Kanwal Rekhi Building
In this talk, I'll touch on the emergence of social media as high-quality content, and will walk through recent growth trends in both creation and consumption. I'll also talk about growth trends in storage, and what this means for social media analysis. I'll intersperse some brief examples of large-scale social media analysis. Next, I'll turn specifically to social networks as a key underpinning of social media. I'll give an experimental and theoretical analysis of the importance of geography in the formation of an online social network. Previous models connecting probability of friendship to geographic location do not satisfactorily explain our example data; we present a new model that matches experimental observations from the network, and show a theorem regarding the nature of paths within the model.
Speaker Profile:
Andrew joined Yahoo! Research in 2005 from IBM. His research over the last eight years has focused on measurement, modelling, and analysis of content, communities, and users on the World Wide Web. Prior to joining Yahoo! Research, he managed the "Information Management Principles" group at IBM's Almaden Research Center, and served as Chief Scientist on the WebFountain project. Andrew received Bachelors degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from MIT, and a PhD in CS from Carnegie Mellon University.
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