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Consensus Genetic Maps: A Graph Theoretic Approach
Prof. Srinivas Aluru, Visiting Professor at Dept. of CSE, IITB.
Date & Time: June 28, 2007 16:00
Venue: SIC-301 classroom, C Block, 3rd floor, Kanwal Rekhi Building
A genetic map is an ordering of genetic markers calculated from a population of known lineage. In this talk, I will address the problem of computing a consensus genetic map from multiple partial and possibly inconsistent genetic maps generated from multiple populations. We model each input map as a partial order and formulate the consensus problem as finding a median partial order. We relate this work to the problem of computing median rankings in social choice and provide a graph theoretic approach to solve it. I will discuss experimental results on seven populations of maize.
Speaker Profile:
Stanley Chair in Interdisciplinary Engineering. Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Iowa State University.
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