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The evolution of ideas in MT : a personal & historical perspective
Dr. Chirstian Boitet, Professor of Computer Science and Director of Laboratory for Machine Translation, University Joseph Fouriere, Grenoble, France
Date & Time: July 25, 2007 15:30
Venue: F.C. Kohli Auditorium
Research in NLP, and MT in particular, is not yet mature enough to place itself in its historical perspective, as mathematics, physics, chemistry, medecine, biology, economics, etc., have long done. In this talk, I will try to make the audience aware of that perspective, by reviewing the evolution of ideas concerning not only MT technology, both linguistic and computational, but the evolving views of the goals and evaluation of MT and of of its actual and potential users, developers, vendors, and funders. The main points will be: * A few fundamental things about translation & MT: difficulties, HTéMT, and inherent limits: (Coverage x Automaticity x Quality << 1) * The early days: from cryptography to hacking (1950-): still for intelligence-gathering, "MT for watchers" (ë Web MT!) * 2nd generation: formal linguistics & compilation (1960-): the dream of replacing the translators, "MT for revisors" * MT as an engineering problem: pragmatic solutions (1970-): from analyzers to transducers, lingware engineering (EDL, SLLP); Translation Aids: MT for translators * MT + extralinguistic resources (1990-): MT for authors: DBMT (interactive), MT for tech. writers: KBMT (AI) * Empirical MT: a return to the early days, and more (2000-): Statistical MT (SMT), Example-Based MT (EBMT), incl. analogical MT * Contributive MT (2010-): my hope & my crusade!
Speaker Profile:
Prof. Christian Boitet has been instrumental in various milestone projects on Machine Translation in Europe and Japan. He is the author of several research papers and monographs on MT and members/chairs of important committees dealing with MT. The talk will give an insight into how the field has evolved and where it is currently.
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