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How and why we put Message Queuing inside a Relational Database Engine
Rushi Desai, Microsoft Corporation
Date & Time: August 21, 2007 15:30
Venue: SIC 301, 'C' Block, 03rd floor, Kanwal Rekhi Building
Most large database applications today need to scale-out to achieve performance and provide high-availability. Yet traditional relational database engines provide neither a programming model nor the plumbing for building asynchronous, scalable, distributed apps. Competing messaging technologies that run outside the database may offer programming models and infrastructure, but they compromise on semantics, performance, and reliability. In SQL Server 2005, we introduced Service Broker, a platform for building scalable database applications, that provides a service-oriented programming model and reliable messaging infrastructure. In this talk I will talk about the challenges that application developers face around using previous technologies and how Service Broker addresses them. I will present the basic primitives that we added to the SQL Server 2005 engine and language extensions to T-SQL (Microsoft's dialect of SQL) that enable the use of those primitives. Also I will give some insight into the internals of how the Service Broker machinery works and how it is being used by other features in the engine. The talk will also be open to questions regarding my experience working at Microsoft. And I'll try to defend why I work for Zune now.
Speaker Profile:
Rushi Desai is a software development engineer at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA, USA. In 2002-03 he worked as a research assistant on the BANKS project at IIT-Bombay under Prof. S. Sudarshan and Prof. Soumen Chakrabarti. Later he joined the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)'s graduate program in Computer Science & Engineering. After graduating with a masters degree, he joined the SQL Server Database Engine group at Microsoft and worked on the SQL Server 2005 release. Currently he works in Microsoft's entertainment and devices division on the backend services for the Zune marketplace.
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