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The Fast Multipole Method for Global Illumination
Sharat Chandran and Alap Karapurkar, CSE Department IIT Bombay
Date & Time: October 25, 2002 15:30
Venue: CSE Seminar Hall
Global illumination enables production of pictures that look less like those synthesized by computers. The methods advance our knowledge of the physical environment such as the simulation of light transport. Some examples appear at here

The fast multipole method is a promising method for achieving fast solutions to many applied problems in engineering, biology, computer vision, and statistics (see examples at here)

It has been called one of the TEN most significant numerical algorithms discovered in the 20th CENTURY, and won its inventors, Vladimir Rokhlin and Leslie Greengard, the Steele prize. The algorithm enables the product of restricted dense matrices with a vector to be evaluated in O(N) operations, when direct multiplication requires O(N*N) operations.

Despite these advantages, the FMM has not been widely used in computer graphics. Alap Karapurkar will explain what appears to be the first DIRECT application of FMM to global illumination (GI). The talk will be accessible to students, and of interest to researchers in numerical methods, and graphics.

Speaker Profile:
Sharat Chandran is on the faculty at CSE dept.
Alap Karapurkar is a senior student in the CSE department.
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