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Games Project at Cornell University
Nitin Gupta, Department of Computer Science, Cornell University
Date & Time: October 3, 2007 17:00
Venue: SIC301, 'C' Block, 3rd floor, Kanwal Rekhi Building
I will introduce scalability for computer games as the next frontier for techniques from data management. A very important aspect of computer games is the artificial intelligence (AI) of non-player characters. To create interesting AI in games today, developers or players have to create complex, dynamic behavior for a very small number of characters, but neither the game engines nor the style of AI programming enables intelligent behavior that scales to a very large number of non-player characters. In this talk I will talk about our first steps towards truly scalable AI in computer games by modeling game AI as a data management problem. I will present a highly expressive scripting language SGL that provides game designers and players with a data-driven AI scheme for customizing behavior for individual non-player characters. We use sophisticated query processing and indexing techniques to efficiently execute large numbers of SGL scripts, thus providing a framework for games with a truly epic number of non-player characters. I will conclude the talk with experiments that show the efficacy of our solutions.
Speaker Profile:
Nitin Gupta is a Ph.D. student at Cornell University, currently working in the Database Group with Prof. Johannes Gehrke. He is a 2002 batch graduate of IIT Bombay wherein he had worked on the BANKS project under Prof. S. Sudarshan.
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