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The RSE group at MSR India
Dr. Aditya Nori, Microsoft Research India
Date & Time: October 26, 2007 14:00
Venue: CSE Seminar Room (Old CSE Building)
The RSE (Rigorous Software Engineering) group at Microsoft Research India was formed around the end of 2005. We are working on a variety of research projects that aim to improve productivity by bringing rigor to software development in the large. We have had two exciting summers with several interns from top schools in India and around the world. In the first part of this talk, I will present an overview of the research projects and opportunities at RSE. In the second part of this talk, I will present a new algorithm for property checking called Dash. The unique feature of the algorithm is that it uses only test case generation operations, and it refines and maintains a sound program abstraction as a consequence of failed test case generation operations. Thus, each iteration of the algorithm is extremely inexpensive, and can be implemented without any extra theorem prover calls and without any global may-alias information. In particular, we introduce a new refinement operator WP_{\alpha} that uses only the alias information obtained by executing a test to refine abstractions in a sound manner. We will also demo an implementation of the Dash algorithm in our tool Yogi.
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