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Concept Programming: An Examination of The Use of Concepts and Policies in the Construction of Modern Software Systems
Dr. David Mallon, Technical Director (Global Graduate Training Program), Morgan Stanley
Date & Time: October 26, 2007 14:00
Venue: F. C. Kohli Auditorium, 01st floor, 'B' Block, Kanwal Rekhi Building
The talk explores the incredible ideas behind generic programming (as exemplified by template meta-programs in C++) as a means of building modern software libraries and systems. More flexible that the inheritance of interfaces and more performant than run-time polymorphic binding. Concept programming (particularly in C++) allows for the construction of code generation engines that defer design choices (just like magic numbers) until the point at which code is actually used. The talk will review C++ templates (including latent typing and partial template specialization), concept programming (as a programming abstraction), and the principles of policy driven design. Attendees should have some knowledge of modern programming languages (C#, Java, C++), knowledge of C/C++ is useful but not essential.
Speaker Profile:
David has over 20 years computer technology experience in research, development, mentoring, teaching, consulting and management. He has extensive experience in applying languages and methods to the construction of financial systems and infrastructure. He has developed and presented numerous courses and programs in computer technology covering architecture, software engineering, programming and operating environments. David is the Technical Director for the Morgan Stanley global graduate training program. David holds an M. Sc. in Computation from Oxford University and a Ph. D. in Massively Parallel Object Based Systems.
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