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Microsoft Mobility
John SanGiovanni, Microsoft
Date & Time: August 14, 2010 22:30
Venue: CSE Seminar Room
In the coming years, mobile computing devices will transform the way that we work, communicate, and learn. In this session, Microsoft will discuss the core building blocks of wireless communications and mobile computing. The talk will discuss key wireless networking components (WLAN, 2.5 & 3G cellular, and Bluetooth), and will overview Microsoft mobile platforms, including Tablet PC, Pocket PC, and Smartphone. This event will also overview Microsoft's new .NET services platform and discuss how next-generation hardware and general-purpose software platforms will create a new era of device convergence and business opportunity.
Speaker Profile:
Speaker Profile: John SanGiovanni Technical Evangelist Mobile Computing & Wireless Technologies Microsoft Research With a background ranging from mobile computing to digital culture,John SanGiovanni is known for his unique perspective on emerging technologies. In his current role as Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Research, John manages Microsoft's academic research funding intomobilecomputing and wireless technologies. Prior this role, John has had several technology learning-related roles with PPI/Knowledge Universe,and worked in entertainment at the Walt Disney Company. John's currentresearch focus is into interaction techniques and hardware interface technologies for next-generation mobile devices. In this area,SanGiovanni has several patents for alternative text input systems(non-handwriting, non-speech, non-typing). In recent years, John has spent his time exploring the ways that mobile devices and wireless technologies will transform communication, entertainment, and learning.
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