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Developing an Effective National ICT Enabled Agricultural Extension Framework
Prof. K.R. Srivathsan, Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Kerala
Date & Time: November 14, 2007 09:30
Venue: SIC301, 'C' Block, 3rd Floor, Kanwal Rekhi Building
The lecture will first review the problems and challenges facing Indian agriculture and develop a different basis for policy frameworks aligned with the emerging issues of Indian Agriculture. We then show that the new basis needs a strong ICT enabled Dynamic Knowledge Management Framework. We then show how we have structured and now managing the KISSAN-Kerala (for Kissan Information Systems, Services and Networking) that appears to be a promising KM framework for Agricultural Extension Services that is capable of supporting strategy driven developments of Kerala's Agriculture. KISSAN uses an integrated multi-modal agricultural information delivery for extension and We show the concepts that went into building the KISSAN services delivery model and their potential address the diverse issues and challenges in Indian Agriculture. It will conclude with a mention of the upcoming NAIP project in which IIITM-K, IITB and IITK are involved along with the ICAR and with a few Agricultural Institutions.
Speaker Profile:
Prof. K.R. Srivathsan took over as the first Director of the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala (see www.iiitmk.ac.in). since Dec. 2000. He is also Professor and former Head of the Electrical Engineering Department at the Indian Institute of Technology -Kanpur. He has a Bachelor degree from the Regional Engineering College, Durgapur in West Bengal, M.Tech. from IIT Kanpur and Ph.D. from Queen's University, Canada - all in Electrical Engineering.
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