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Title: Mining is All About History
Prof. Kees van Hee, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Date & Time: March 13, 2008 15:00
Venue: SIC205, ā€˜Cā€™ Block, 02nd floor, Kanwal Rekhi Building

In the presentation we consider two different but related topics: history-based Petri nets and process mining. The first topic is about a class of Petri nets where it is assumed that a history of the process is known at each moment. This history can be used in guards that may prevent transitions to fire. Rephrased, we assume that the history of the Petri net is logged and that the log can be accessed during the execution of the Petri net. To each transition a logical formula is attached as a guard and the transition may only fire if the log satisfies the guard. From a practical point of view this is a realistic extension because many workflow system log all their activities and so it is possible to use this information in the execution of the workflow process.

The advantage of having these history-based guards is that it makes the modeling of Petri nets more easy. We show that these Petri nets can be translated into (bigger and less easy to read) classical Petri nets which allows us to use existing analysis techniques. The second topic is about the reconstruction or synthesis of a Petri net if only a finite number of execution paths are given. Here we also assume the existence of a log of the execution of the Petri net. This topic is quite new and there are several interesting algorithms for synthesis. We present a brand new approach based on integer linear programming where we use ideas form history-based Petri nets.

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