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Title: Character Animation – A View-Dependent Approach
Dr.Parag Chaudhuri, MIRALab, University of Geneva
Date & Time: September 17, 2008 14:30
Venue: Conference Room, KReSIT building
The concept of staging is one of the most fundamental principles of animation. The principle, derived from accumulated wisdom acquired over decades of theatrical plays and cinematography, dictates that a character’s action should always be to the camera, so that the intent of the action is clear to the audience. The principle is especially hard to apply to animations where the camera is also moving. In this talk, we present the concept of View-Dependent Character Animation that formalizes the relationship between camera and character movement using an abstract theoretical representation called the view space. Then we discuss the algorithms we have developed to populate and realize this abstract view space in practice, by using inputs from multimodal data sources like sketches, videos and motion capture. Real-time, interactive character animation imposes strict practical time bounds on the response time of the developed algorithms, so we analyze how changing some of the underlying mathematical representations and interpolation techniques help make the animation real-time. Finally, we conclude with a brief discussion on applications of View-Dependent Animation to Virtual and Mixed Realities, and stylized animation synthesis.
Speaker Profile:
Parag Chaudhuri is a post-doctoral research assistant at MIRALab, University of Geneva. He received his PhD. from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 2006. He received the Outstanding PhD. Dissertation award for the year 2006 from IBM. His primary research interests include all of computer animation. He has also worked on rendering, motion capture, real-time computer graphics and mixed reality. He has been actively involved with and significantly contributed to the European research project ENACTIVE. He is currently involved in the European research project INDIGO, working on enhancing the presence of virtual characters in mixed reality simulations. He is also the editorial assistant of an international journal in computer graphics, The Visual Computer. He also served on the Program Committee of the Computer Graphics International 2008 conference.
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