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Title: Query Understanding using Web Relevance Feedback
Dr. Andrei Broder, Yahoo! Research
Date & Time: December 5, 2008 14:00
Venue: Conference Room, ‘C’ Block, 01st floor, Kanwal Rekhi Building

In the past decade, Web search engines have evolved from a first generation based on classic IR algorithms scaled to Web size and thus supporting only informational queries, to a second generation supporting navigational queries using Web specific information primarily link analysis), to a third generation enabling transactional and other “semantic” queries based on a variety of technologies and external information sources aimed to directly satisfy the unexpressed “user intent”. At the same time, the Web is still expanding, the number and cultural diversity of Web users is still growing, and the average Web query is still infamously just 2.4 words long, thus inferring this user intent is as challenging as ever.

“Rare” queries, which in aggregate represent a significant portion of the query volume, are often completely incomprehensible to an outside observer; nevertheless, the goal of many of these queries becomes quite clear once we study their results. Starting from this simple observation, in a series of papers [SIGIR2007, SIGIR2008, CIKM2008, INEWS2008, WSDM2009] we have developed a robust methodology of “query understanding” based on viewing each search result of a query as an independent source of information about its intent. Applications include query classification, improved search advertising, query substitution for optimizing relevance and revenue in ad search, and cross-lingual taxonomy re-use for query classification.

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Check out http://research.yahoo.com/bouncer_user/17.
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