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Title: Informatics Solutions for Clinical and Translational Research
Mr. Aditya Phatak, Vice President, Life Sciences Sales, Persistent Systems Inc.
Date & Time: June 17, 2009 11:00
Venue: SIC 301, 03rd floor, ‘C’ Block, Kanwal Rekhi Building
In order to develop personalized treatment strategies, experimental research from the laboratory (bench) has to be correlated and converted into rational therapy in the clinic (bedside). With our collaborators at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, we have developed informatics and data management tools to assist clinical and translational researchers in storing, querying and integrating diverse biomedical data sets efficiently. Key challenges and considerations in our bioinformatics and clinical informatics solutions include: * Effectively analyze, and interpret high-throughput data from microarrays and sequencing instruments * Use of cloud computing platform for genomic data analysis * Correlating patient data with experimental data as well as annotations from public databases
Speaker Profile:
Aditya Phatak is VP, Life Sciences Sales at Persistent Systems Inc. He did his bachelors at Walchand Inst. if Technology, and his MTech in CS at IIT Bombay, graduating in 2000. Aditya is passionate about developing information management systems & tools to help biomedical researchers effectively manage and analyze large volumes of data. He has been actively involved with the planning, execution and promotion of the Life Sciences solutions portfolio at Persistent Systems. The life sciences team has developed informatics and lab automation solutions in the drug discovery, preclinical and clinical trials / research space. Aditya has been a speaker at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo 2008 conference, Boston, presented a tutorial on “Developing a Data Warehouse Solution for Genomics and Proteomics” at the IEEE Super Computing conference (November 12-18, 2005) in Seattle, published a paper titled “Database Challenges in the Integration of Biomedical Data Sets” at the Very Large Databases (VLDB) conference 2004, and coauthored an article in the prestigious Chemistry magazine, The Nucleus, titled "Integration and Management of Biological Data for Clinical and Functional Inference; Persistent's Solutions".
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