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Title: Sherpa: a next-generation structured-record distributed storage service
P. P. S. Narayan, Director of Engineering, Yahoo!, Engineering of the Sherpa product (Yahoo!)
Date & Time: September 14, 2009 11:00
Venue: Rekhi Building Conference room
Sherpa is the next-generation structured-record distributed storage service that addresses growing scalability needs of Yahoo! properties. Key features of Sherpa include high scalability, elastic growth, global footprint for local low-latency access, asynchronous replication, RESTful web service APIs, novel per-record consistency knobs, high availability, low capex and opex, and many more. Sherpa is a hosted, centrally managed, and geographically distributed service, and utilizes automated load-balancing and failover to reduce operational complexity. Over the last year, we have built the Sherpa platform from the ground up, and in May 2009 Sherpa version 1.5 was announced to be generally available within Yahoo!. In this talk, we present the technology and architecture of the Sherpa platform, the engineering challenges of building a large-scale highly-available distributed system, and finally we present the roadmap and future of the product.
Speaker Profile:
P.P.S. Narayan (PPSN) is the Director of Engineering of the Sherpa product. His team is responsible for the design, architecture, and engineering of Sherpa. Before joining Yahoo!, PPSN was at Bell Labs where he was involved in database, and network management research. He also led a small Bell Labs Venture team to build the next-generation LBS platform called Geopepper. PPSN has publications at reputed database conferences in the areas of transaction management, XML, and query processing. PPSN graduated from IITB with his M.Tech in Computer Science.
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