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Title: Where is the technology in an animation company?
Michael Henderson, Director of Technologies, DreamWorks Animation India, DreamWorks Animation India
Date & Time: October 26, 2009 17:30
Venue: SIC-201 classroom, 2nd floor, ā€˜Cā€™ wing, K.R. Bldg., Dept of CSE
This talk will discuss the many ways in which technology is involved in the animated filmmaking process. It will cover what the different technology roles are and how they contribute to the film.
Speaker Profile:
Michael Henderson has worked in the animation film industry for 10 years, been actively involved in Disney Feature Animation and DreamWorks' transition from traditional 2D to CG filmmaking, as well as the recent move to fully stereoscopic filmmaking at DreamWorks as the Technical Supervisor on Monsters vs Aliens. For more on DreamWorks Animation: http://www.dreamworksanimation.com/ For more on the DreamWorks Animation Dedicated Unit at Paprikaas: http://www.paprikaas.com/dwa_home.html
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