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Automatically Tracking Down Bugs in Software Programs
Sudheendra Hangal, Sun Microsystems
Date & Time: April 3, 2003 15:30
Venue: CSE Seminar Hall
In a world with increasing dependence on complex pieces of software, how can programmers maintain large software programs and monitor their execution?\NAs programmers, how do we understand large pieces of code which were developed by someone else ? How do we debug complex problems which arise from the interaction of multiple components ? How do we detect bugs in programs for which there is no automatic way of checking the result ? This talk will describe a research approach which attempts to answer some of these questions. We will describe the general philosophy behind dynamic invariant detection, and extend it with the idea\Nof dynamic invariant checking. We will introduce a specific, open-source tool called DIDUCE which has proven successful in automatically detecting and root-causing bugs in large Java programs, from a variety of domains. We believe this approach will become increasingly pervasive in deployed software over the rest of this decade.
Speaker Profile:
Sudheendra Hangal works on CPU validation strategies for Sun's processors and systems. His interests are in bug detection for both hardware and software programs. While software is a more plentiful and assured source of bugs, he finds the hardware people\Nare the only ones willing to pay him to find them. Sudheendra has a master's degree from Stanford, and a bachelor's degree from IIT Delhi, both in computer science.
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