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Scalable Walkthrough
Subodh Kumar, Johns Hopkins University
Date & Time: May 5, 2003 16:30
Venue: CSE Seminar Hall
The need to navigate through increasingly complex virtual\N environments for simulation based design, and its validation, has motivated research in computer graphics for long. While hardware performance has grown at an impressive rate, model sizes have grown faster. In order to achieve realistic interactive walkthroughs we need to take a comprehensive approach and enrich models with rendering enhancing information. In this talk I will present an algorithm to render increasingly large spline and polygonal models. I will describe parallel pre-processing methods to generate data useful for efficient rendering algorithms. I will discuss multi-resolution model representations, dynamic tessellation of parametric surfaces and polygonal simplification. I will present both point and region\N based visibility algorithms and introduce the notion of vLOD: the visible level of detail. Finally, I will argue that efficient pre-processing and data compression methods enable scalable output sensitive display algorithms that that do not necessarily slow down with increasing model sizes.
Speaker Profile:
Subodh Kumar Department of Computer Science Johns Hopkins University
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