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Title: CUDA Workshop
Speakers from NVIDIA and Partners, NVIDIA
Date & Time: July 24, 2010 09:30
Venue: Kanwal Rekhi Building, 3rd Floor Lecture Room
NVIDIA and partners, with co-hosting of IIT Bombay, are presenting a full day CUDA workshop on Saturday July 24th starting from 9:30 AM. Venue: 3rd Floor Lecture Room, Kanwal Rekhi Building. Lunch and certificates for participants will be provided. To attend the workshop, please register at http://www.nvidia.eu/scripts/forms/view.php?id=84. The workshop will focus on CUDA programming architecture, CUDA code walkthroughs, demos and a hands-on session. All registrations up to July 21st will be included in a drawing for an exciting gift. For more information, contact: Manish Bali (mbali@nvidia.com)
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