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Title: Redundancy Elimination as a Network-wide Service
Aditya Akella, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Date & Time: August 26, 2010 15:30
Venue: Seminar Hall, old CSE building
Different users on the Internet often access the same content, resulting in the same data being transferred repeatedly. Several redundancy elimination (RE) systems have explored how to suppress this redundant content and improve network efficiency. Examples include Web caches, multicast routing protocols, and application-independent "WAN Optimizers" that can remove redundant strings from any traffic flow. A common constraint imposed by these systems is that they apply in a localized fashion to a specific application, protocol or network link. In this talk, I will argue that RE should be supported as a primitive network-layer service. This frees communication end-points from having to re-implement point solutions for RE, and extends the benefits of RE universally. More importantly, it simplifies the design of traditional applications, such as application-layer multicast, and enables new applications, routing protocols and traffic engineering mechanisms. To argue that network-wide RE is feasible and beneficial, I will first describe empirical results that highlight the wide-spread redundancy in network traffic. I will then outline various schemes for optimal packet-level redundancy identification and describe how to enable them to run at high speeds on network routers today.
Speaker Profile:
Aditya Akella is an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.
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