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Title: Overview of Research Activities at IBM India Research Lab
Dr. Raghuram Krishnapuram, Associate Director, IBM India Research Lab
Date & Time: August 25, 2010 14:30
Venue: F. C. Kohli Auditorium, ‘B’ Block, 01st floor, Kanwal Rekhi Building
IBM Research - India engages in research in areas such as systems management, cloud computing, program analysis, software engineering, speech and text analytics, optimization, mobile technologies, IT/Wireless convergence, and information management. The first part of the talk will be an overview of various research topics in these areas and will describe a few projects in more detail. The second part of the talk will be a sample research problem being addressed at IRL: Providing Supervision to Clustering. Clustering is a critical tool for data exploration, and owes its popularity to its unsupervised nature. However, the lack of supervision often leads to clusters that are not useful or interesting to human reviewers. In this talk, the speaker will investigate if supervision can be reused in some form or borrowed from other tasks to guide a new potentially related task. The speaker will also discuss a new semi-supervised clustering model where the user provides two different types of feedback that align naturally with the update and assignment steps of prototype based clustering. Finally, some other related problems will be discussed.
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