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Title: On Object Reconstruction from Arbitrary Cross Sections
Ojaswa Sharma, Technical University of Denmark
Date & Time: September 24, 2010 14:30
Venue: Conference Room, Rekhi Building, First Floor
Object reconstruction is a challenging problem at the forefront of computer vision. One of the interesting and generalized problem is of reconstruction from arbitrarily placed cross sections. This problem has not been much discussed in the literature, but holds great importance since it lifts the requirement of order within the cross sections in a reconstruction problem, consequently making the reconstruction problem harder. This talk will focus on a recently developed topologically motivated method for smooth reconstruction from arbitrary linear cross sections in 2D. It uses concepts from the theory of homotopy continuation and Voronoi diagrams.
Speaker Profile:
Ojaswa Sharma is a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark. His research interests include Surface Reconstruction, Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, Vision and Image Processing.
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