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Title: Architecture at Internet-Scale
Dr. David Chaiken, Chief Architect, Yahoo! Inc.
Date & Time: October 28, 2010 14:00
Venue: Seminar Hall, 03rd floor, C Block, Kanwal Rekhi building
As an innovative technology company that operates the largest digital media, content, and communications business in the world, Yahoo! has built computer architectures of huge scale and complexity. This talk describes some of the challenges of operating products used by more than 600 million people, and architectural approaches at different tiers: hardware and network infrastructure; cloud infrastructure; consumer and advertising platforms. Topics covered include how Yahoo! uses its Hadoop clusters for large-scale computation, reducing complexity in user data stores, and the perils of a hidden exponential algorithm.
Speaker Profile:
David Chaiken has been a Tech Yahoo for four years, working on consumer, advertising, and platform products. Over his career, Chaiken has built voice search products for consumers, mobile enterprise applications, network management systems, project management software, a large-scale multiprocessing system, and five or so information appliances. His favorite technologies include the RSA encryption algorithm, the C programming language, the ARM instruction set architecture, the Fedora distribution of Linux, and the build-on-grid-push-to-serving design pattern. In 1994, Chaiken earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.
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