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Title: Programming for Production Quality
Mr. M. G. Thiruvalluvan, Senior Architect, Yahoo! Inc.
Date & Time: October 28, 2010 15:00
Venue: SIC301, 03rd floor, C Block, Kanwal Rekhi building
Programming is taking a problem statement, finding a solution for the problem and then translating the solution into a language that the computer can understand. But when programming for production quality, we need to address many requirements that are not in the problem statement. This talk will discuss some of those requirements and how to address them.
Speaker Profile:
Thiru has been with Yahoo for just over six years working on different projects ranging from Desktop search to Display Advertising. He is one of the founding members of Apache Avro project. Before Yahoo, he has been in a series of start-up companies. He has been programming production software for more than twenty years in different environments from embedded systems to large internet systems. His interests are different programming styles, large system architecture and performance-critical software systems and agile development processes.
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