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Title: Domain-Specific Compiler Optimization for High-Performance Computing
Prof. P. Sadayappan, Ohio State University
Date & Time: June 20, 2011 15:00
Venue: Conference Room, C Block, First Floor, Kanwal Rekhi Building
Over the last three decades, supercomputer performance has increased from Gigaflops through Teraflops to Petaflops. Now Exaflop computers are targeted for the end of this decade, but the transition from Petaflops to Exaflops is expected to be much harder than previous progressions. Fundamental power density constraints imply that data locality will be much more critical. Expressing billion way parallelism optimized for data locality will pose significant software development challenges. This talk will elaborate on one approach to addressing this challenge, through the use of domain-specific compiler optimization.
Speaker Profile:
Sadayappan is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. His primary research interests center around performance optimization and compiler/runtime systems for high-performance computing, with special emphasis on high-performance frameworks that enable high productivity for application developers. Two recent projects include a polyhedral framework for automatic parallelization and data locality optimization, and the Tensor Contraction Engine - a domain-specific compiler/runtime system to automatically transform high-level specifications into efficient parallel programs, for a class of high accuracy ab initio models in quantum chemistry.
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