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Title: GPX-Matcher: A Generic Boolean Predicate-based XPath Expression Matcher
Prof. Hans-Arno Jacobsen, MSRG.org, University of Toronto
Date & Time: December 2, 2011 11:30
Venue: Conference Room, C Block, 01st Floor, Dept. of CSE, Kanwal Rekhi Bldg.
Content-based architectures for XML data dissemination are gaining increasing attention both in academia and industry. These dissemination networks are the building blocks of selective information dissemination applications which have wide applicability such as sharing and integrating information in both scientific and corporate domains. At the heart of these dissemination services is a fast engine for matching of an incoming XML message against stored XPath expressions to determine interested consumers for the message. To achieve the ultra-low response time, predominant in financial message processing, the XPath expression matching must be done efficiently. In this work, we develop and evaluate a novel algorithm based on a unique encoding of XPath expressions and XML messages, unlike dominating automaton-based algorithms, for efficiently solving this matching problem. We demonstrate a matching time in the millisecond range for millions of XPath expressions which significantly outperforms state-of-the-art algorithms. This research is part of our X-ToPSS (XML-based Toronto Publish/Subscribe System) research efforts (cf. http://msrg.org/tags/x-topss - GPX paper coming soon.)
Speaker Profile:
Hans-Arno Jacobsen is a professor of Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Toronto. He holds the Bell University Laboratories Endowed Chair in Software and he is the Chair of the Computer Engineering Group. He directs and leads the research activities of the Middleware Systems Research Group (msrg.org). His research aims to ease the development of scalable, reliable, and secure ultra-large-scale distributed applications. In pursuit of these objectives, he engages in basic research on event processing, publish/subscribe, service-orientation, aspect-orientation, and green middleware. In research and development engagements with various companies, he pursues projects on large-scale business process management, service delivery models, service and infrastructure management, and e-energy. Selected research projects include the PADRES Events & Services Bus (padres.msrg.org) for effective business process management, the eQoSystem project (eQoSystem.msrg.org) for declarative monitoring and control of SLAs (service level agreements) in enterprise applications and business artifacts, and the AspeCtC (ACC) project (aspeCtC.net) for increasing modularity in systems software and embedded systems. Arno received his Ph.D. degree from Humboldt University, Berlin in 1999 and his M.A.Sc. degree from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany in 1994. Between 1992 and 1998, Arno engaged in pre-doctoral research activities working at various research laboratories worldwide. including LIFIA in Grenoble, France, ICSI in Berkeley, U.S., and LBNL in Berkeley, U.S. After completing his doctorate between 1998 and 1999, Arno engaged in post-doctoral research at INRIA in Rocquencourt, France, before joining the University of Toronto in 2001. Arno has served as program committee member of various international conferences, including ICDCS, ICDE, Middleware, SIGMOD, OOPSLA and VLDB. He was the Program Chair of the 5th International Middleware Conference and the General Chair of the Inaugural International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems 2007. He is among the initiators of the DEBS (debs.org) conference series and the Event-based.org (event-based.org) research portal. Further information is available from msrg.org.
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