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Visual Surveillance In Occluding Environments
Sharat Chandran, IIT Bombay
Date & Time: January 8, 2003 15:00
Venue: Seminar Hall
Many surveillance sites are heavily crowded. Occlusion is a major factor to be considered in building surveillance systems for these sites. To achieve a certain degree of visibility, one requires multiple cameras and collaboration between them so that objects are detected using information available from all the cameras in the scene. In this talk, we present an algorithm that integrates information from multiple widely separated cameras and obtains a globally optimum detection and tracking result, taking occlusion into consideration. We also present an algorithm for body pose estimation that uses shape analysis of the silhouettes of a person observed in multiple views. These algorithms are fast, work under partial occlusions and are fully automatic. Due to these features,they can form the basis for a fully automatic, real-time surveillance system for use in areas with high density of objects.
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Sharat Chandran
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