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Certifying Component-Client Conformance
G.Ramalingam, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Date & Time: January 10, 2003 16:00
Venue: Seminar Hall
A fundamental impediment to effective use of software components or libraries is ensuring that client code satisfies the constraints that the component imposes as a prerequisite to correct usage. The goal of the Canvas project at IBM Research and Tel-Aviv University is to make use of software components easier and more reliable by- Allowing the component designer to specify component conformance constraints, which describe correct component usage by a client program in a natural (yet still formal) way, and - Providing the client code developer with automated software certification tools to determine whether the client satisfies the component's conformance constraints. In this talk, I will describe our approach to deriving efficient static program analyses for conformance certification.
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G.Ramalingam, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
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