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Title: Recommendation Challenges in Web Media Settings
Dr. Ronny Lempel, Yahoo! Research
Date & Time: April 11, 2013 14:30
Venue: F. C. Kohli Auditorium, 01st Floor, B Block, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kanwal Rekhi Building
Recommender Systems over large user and item bases constitute a canonical Big Data/Data Science application. The area has received much attention over the past 15 years, initially driven by eCommerce use-cases. This talk calls out several research challenges in the art of recommendation technology as applied in Web media sites. One particular characteristic of such recommendation settings is the relative low cost of falsely recommending an irrelevant item, which means that recommendation schemes can be less conservative and more exploratory. This also creates opportunities for better item cold-start handling. Other technical difficulties, especially for offline modeling given data describing users’ consumption of items, pertain to the bias introduced by the items the Web site actually offered to users. Also called out are tradeoffs between personalization and contextualization, novel schemes that aim at recommending sets and sequences of items, and the challenge of incrementally updating recommendation schemes given constantly arriving new interactions.
Speaker Profile:
Ronny Lempel joined Yahoo! Research in October 2007 to open and establish its lab in Haifa, Israel. Since joining Yahoo!, Ronny has led R&D activities in diverse areas, including Web Search, Page Optimization and Recommender Systems. In January 2013, Ronny was appointed Yahoo! Labs’ Chief Data Scientist. Prior to joining Yahoo!, Ronny spent 4.5 years at IBM's Haifa Research Lab with the Information Retrieval Group, where his duties included research and development in the area of enterprise search systems. Ronny received his PhD, which focused on search engine technology, from the Faculty of Computer Science at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in early 2003. During his PhD studies, Ronny spent two summer internships at the AltaVista search engine.
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