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Title: Real-Time Scheduling on Heterogeneous Multicores
Dr. Gurulingesh Raravi, University of Porto and CISTER Research Centre
Date & Time: August 1, 2013 14:15
Venue: Conference Room, 01st Floor, C Block, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kanwal Rekhi Building
Parallel processing platforms are spreading at an unprecedented rate. Traditionally, parallel processing platforms were used to reduce the execution time of a large computational job such as predicting the weather but now they are also used in low-end systems and embedded real-time systems thanks to the availability of multicore processors. Specifically, heterogeneous multicores now enjoy a period of widespread use since specialized processing units in those multicores such as graphics processors, digital signal processors, network processors, etc. offer a significant performance boost. All major semiconductor companies are offering heterogeneous multicores, e.g., Intel Atom, AMD Fusion and NVIDIA Tegra. Although the processor cores in such a heterogeneous multicore are different and each type offers its own distinct advantage for various workloads, the trend is to make the processor cores generic. For example, a graphics processor can be efficiently used (to obtain a good performance) for some computations that are not computer graphics operations, such as sorting and numerical vector calculations. We can therefore expect that the computational workhorse for both desktop and embedded computer systems in the near future will be a heterogeneous multicore. Deploying embedded real-time systems on such heterogeneous multicores requires development of real-time scheduling theory with provably good algorithms. Hence, my PhD work aimed at developing provably good real-time scheduling algorithms for heterogeneous multicores. This talk (i) will describe in detail one such algorithm that works for two-type heterogeneous multicores in which there are two distinct types of processors and (ii) will also provide an overview of the other contributions of my dissertation work.
Speaker Profile:
Gurulingesh Raravi is currently a fourth year PhD student at the University of Porto and he is associated with the CISTER Research Centre in Porto. His current research interest is in embedded real-time systems scheduling theory. He received the Masters degree from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 2005, and the Bachelors degree from Karnataka University in 2001. Prior t6o entering graduate school, he worked for three years as a research engineer.
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