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Rethinking Parking in the Context of Mumbai - Relationship to urban Transportation, Urban Form & Affordable Housing
Dr. Paul Barter,
Date & Time: October 22, 2013 15:00
Venue: Lecture Hall, C Block, 02nd Floor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kanwal Rekhi Building
While Mumbai has high number of walking (55%) and public transport (78% of motorised trips) trips, there has been a increase in ownership of vehicles and demand for parking. The links between good walking / bicycling environments or traffic congestion and parking regulations are not well understood. What are these links? How should we approach increasing demand for parking? What have other cities around the world addressed these concerns? Dr. Paul Barter, renowned expert on parking and transportation planning will present global best practices on parking policies, opportunities and challenges confronting Indian cities and Mumbai specifically and share his perspective on how these can be addressed.
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