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Software reuse and product line approach with XVCL
Prof. Stan Jarzabek, National University of Singapore
Date & Time: February 19, 2003 09:30
Venue: Seminar Hall
A product line comprises a family of similar software systems. For example, Facility Reservation Systems (FRS) used at universities and companies form a product line. All the FRSes share common requirements but also differ in certain ways. Reuse of generic software assets - code components, architecture, documentation, test cases, etc. - across product line members has emerged as a promising way to increase software productivity and quality. The main challenge in reuse is how to design generic, adaptable programs (and other software assets) and how to deal with variability\Nin generic programs. We developed XVCL (XML-based Variant Configuration Language), a meta-programming technique and tool that provides effective reuse mechanisms (http://fxvcl.sourceforge.net ) Being a modern and versatile version of Bassett's frames, a technology that has achieved substantial gains in industry, the underlying principles of the XVCL have been thoroughly tested in practice. Unlike original frames, XVCL blends with contemporary programming paradigms and complements other design techniques. XVCL uses "composition with adaptation" rules to generate a specific program from generic, reusable meta-components. Despite its simplicity, XVCL can effectively manage a wide range of program variants from a compact base of meta-components, structured for effective reuse. Applications of XVCL include design of reusable program components, implementing product line architectures, design of compact, non-redundant, therefore, easy to maintain programs, and managing variants in multiple versions of software documents and models. The talk will describe the product line approach to reuse and discuss salient features of XVCL.
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Prof. Stan Jarzabek, National University of Singapore
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