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Title: Entrepreneurs journey via a CS PhD
Dr. Sundar Iyer (IITB CSE 1998) and Dr. Mayank Bawa (IITB CSE 1999) ,
Date & Time: March 10, 2014 14:00
Venue: KR Building 2nd/3rd floor lecture hall (TIME CHANGED TO 2 PM)
Sundar and Mayank are both IITB CSE undergraduates who went on to do their PhDs in Computer Science at Stanford University prior to starting their own companies. In a joint talk, Sundar and Mayank will walk through their experiences as an entrepreneur: Why did they opt for a PhD? How did a PhD help them as an entrepreneur? Was it worth the time/money to spend 3-5 years doing research? What is the state of the Networking/Semiconductor and Databases market? Where are these markets headed over the next decade?
Speaker Profile:
Sundar did his PhD in Networking and is the CEO/Co-Founder of Memoir Systems. He was previously involved in start-ups Nemo Systems and SwitchOn Networks, both of which had successful exits. Mayank did his PhD in Databases and was the CEO/Co-Founder of Aster Data Systems, a startup that defined and led the Big Data market.
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