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Wireless Performability
Prof. Kishor Trivedi, Duke University Durham
Date & Time: March 19, 2003 15:30
Venue: Seminar Hall
The high expectations of performance and availability for wireless mobile systems has presented great challenges in the modeling and design of fault tolerant wireless systems. The proper modeling methodology to study the degradation of such systems is so-called performability modeling. In this paper, we give overview of approaches for the construction and the solution of performablity models for wireless cellular networks. First, we start with the Erlang loss model, in which hierarchical and composite Markov chains are constructed to obtain loss formulas for a system with channel failures. Consequently, we develop two level hierarchical models for the wireless cellular system with handoff and channel failures. Then, for a TDMA system consisting of base repeaters and a control channel, we build a hierarchical Markov chain model for automatic protection switching (APS). Finally, we discuss stochastic reward net (SRN) models for performability analysis of wireless systems.
Speaker Profile:
Kishor S. Trivedi, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering Duke University Durham, NC 27708-0294, USA kst@ee.duke.edu Visiting Professor CSE Dept., IIT Kanpur
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